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Behaviour Consultations

Helping you and your dog

Behavioural consultations are available for dogs with behavioural problems ranging from 'bad manners' to complex behaviour problems.
We understand that not every dog is suited to group sessions and that some dogs require a more personal touch towards training. Whether this is because the dog is too boisterous for classes, has bad manners, or has a more abnormal or problem behaviour then we are here to help.

I only use force free techniques and look at changing the emotional response to 

The first step in the process is completing a questionnaire to gather some more information about your dogs lifestyle and behaviour. You will also be sent a form for your vet to sign. You may also be asked to have your dog checked over by a vet to rule out possible medical conditions that could hinder our training.
Once this has been returned completed we can book you in for your initial consultation, and look at payment options.
The consultation is done at your home so its in the environment where its needed, and where the dog is more comfortable. During the consultation it includes discussions and practical elements for you and your dog. We will cover management, and prevention, what works for your dog and put the training plan
in place.
Following the session you will receive a report with everything we've covered and next steps to continue progression.
You also get telephone and email  support throughout your time as a customer.