Lifeskills Classes

Do you have an adolescent dog that gets excited around other dogs?
Do you struggle keeping your dogs attention around other dogs?
Do they constantly pull or run away?

In Bronze Lifeskills classes we train behaviours that can be incorporated into every day life using force free and reward based training. By the end of the 6 weeks your dog will be able to walk past other dogs, stay focused on you and bring back the enjoyment of walks.

The classes are open to all dogs aged 6 months and above.
Over the 6 weeks your dog will learn-
✅How to maintain focus on you
✅Building motivation and how to have inject fun into training
✅Loose lead walking around distractions
✅Walking through a crowd of dogs and people
✅Sit, down and stand
✅Recall working up to offlead recall
✅How to greet someone without jumping up
✅How to greet other dogs

The Lifeskills classes are all outdoor classes based at the Isabella Community Centre in Blyth