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Scentwork Club

Creating Pet Sniffer Dogs

Scentwork has many benefits for you dog, it is mentally and physically tiring for dogs so is a great for dogs that have too much energy or too excitable. Allowing dogs to sniff can help build confidence in nervous dogs and puppies. Scentwork Club is available to dogs which have completed an introduction into Scentwork and want to develop their skills further and is an affordable way to include an activity that both you and your dog will enjoy. Scentwork is accessible to all dogs big and small, young and old, and you can progress through the levels at your dogs pace. We use force free techniques and follow UKCSD methodology for teaching dogs Scentwork to minimise the chances of stress and maximise the chances of fun!
During the workshops dogs work 1 at a time and are open to dogs of all ages and breeds, meaning even excitable and scared dogs can join in the fun!

Your dog will work upto;
- Giving a passive indication to a targeted ordor of your choice
- Searching indoor and outdoor areas methodically
- Searching for multiple sources of increasing difficulty
- What to do when access to the source is blocked

What you learn;
- Handling techniques for onlead searches
- What to do in blind searches
- How to tell if your dog has found a source
- How to handle your dog in off lead searches

As a member of the Scentwork Club you get;
- 1 x 1 hour monthly workshop where you can choose the date
- Access to a private Facebook Community for support, advice or just to show off!
- Monthly individual targets set to help you and your dog progress
- Option to send through videos for feedback
All of this for just £50 per month

Denise is a Scentwork Instructor and Accredited Detective Dog Handler through The UK College of Scent Dogs, learning from one of the best in the world in Scentwork.