About Me

Denise Walton Adv CBM Dog Trainer & Behaviourist

Denise has completed a FdSc Canine Behaviour and Training, a

Foundation Diploma and an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management with a Merit, which gives her the educational requirements to take referrals from the vets for behavioural cases. She is also a member of the Kennel Club working towards accreditation as a dog trainer, and a student member of APBC and ASAB. She has been writing online blogs about dog training for Modern Dog Group for the past two years. She has completed courses in canines first aid as well as various seminars and workshops such as; separation anxiety, canine nutrition, and introduction to canine massage. Denise has been working with aggressive dogs for many years and can help provide dog training advice about positive reinforcement dog training. Denise is also an accredited Detection Dog Handler and Scentwork Instructor through the UK College of Scent Dogs.

College 4 Canines was set up to allow people that cant attend training classes due to not driving or because their dog isn't 'suitable' for class environment to still have access to professional positive training.

All of our sessions are based at the clients home and are one on one sessions, we also have Dog Training Classes based in Blyth, Northumberland