Lifeskills 121s

Replacing group classes

Lifeskills 121s are replacing normal classes would would get 4 x 30 min sessions outdoors at the choice of the Isabella Community Centre, Blyth Beach or Weetslade County Park.
The Isabella is a secure outdoor area so perfect for teaching foundation behaviours and recall, and the Blyth Beach and Weetslade allows us to train around people and dogs at safe distances.

The Lifeskills sessions would work towards Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. For puppies we will also include appropriate socialisation and common puppy problems.

Bronze would be working towards the perfect onlead dog, loose lead walking around distractions, recall in a secure location, basic commands, settle and leave.
Silver works on offlead control around distractions, recall away from distractions, U Turn and introducing distance control.
Gold would be the perfect offead dog and introducing advanced heelwork, out of sight stay, out of sight recall, emergency stop and impulse control.

You also get access to our Facebook Community Group where there's videos and handouts, monthly Facebook Live and ongoing support and advice.


Cramlington, Northumberland

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