Helping you and your dog

Specialist training sessions are available through 121 sessions the sessions take place in the environment the dog needs the training. Following social distancing requirements 121 sessions can take place outside allowing 2 meters distance.

These sessions are available to all dogs and allow dogs that aren't quite ready for class environment and can provide them with the all important skills they require. Please note that these sessions are not designed for reactive dogs, sessions for reactive dogs may cost more. Two of the most common problems are loose lead walking and recall. With these sessions we will teach you games to play to get and maintain your dogs attention, and make your dog think you are the best thing in the world to them. You will receive a full training pack which includes different games to play and also different techniques to use. Loose Lead Walking When dogs pull on the leash when walking, it can make walks more frustrating than relaxing. But, pulling on a leash can be very rewarding to a dog, as long as they are pulling they are moving forward. If a dog is pulling then it means they aren't paying attention to you. Our loose leash training package allows us to assess what is motivating the dog to want to pull. Our sessions are jam packed with different games to play with your dog to gain their attention using positive training and to make them want to walk on a loose leash. Recall Recall has always been the hardest thing to teach dogs, after all that bush, the dog at the opposite side of the field or that person walking past can all be more excitable than us. Recall is a very important command for dogs to learn as it means they can be let off leash to run and play, and can allow them to socialise with other dogs.


Cramlington, Northumberland

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