Corona Virus & Dog Training

121s & Behavioural Training 

Following government guidelines from Monday 1 June you can spend time in gardens and other private outdoor spaces such as yards or roof terraces in a group of up to six people from different households – as long as you maintain social distancing of 2 metres apart at all times with people outside your household.

Therefore from Monday 15th June 121s and behavioural training can resume, the sessions will begin in your garden where there is less distractions and the training can be put in practised on a walk following social distancing.

If techniques need to be demonstrated then The Pet Federation Industry Handover will be put in place. All owners will be contacted prior to sessions to discuss requirements following the governments Corvid-19 guidelines.

All trainers and clients agree to adhere to the following, and any breach of these guidelines may result in the termination of a session.

  • If you are in isolation, have tested positive for Covid-19, are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19, or believe you are at high risk of having been exposed in the last 7 days, you must inform your trainer and arrange for your session to be rescheduled

  • If a trainer in isolation, has tested positive for Covid-19, is displaying any symptoms of Covid-19, or believe they are at high risk of having been exposed in the last 7 days, they will contact all clients and arrange for sessions to be rescheduled

  • All training sessions must take place outdoors, either in a local field, park or client’s garden

  • Where training is taking place in a garden, side access must be possible. Unfortunately for the safety of all involved, we cannot enter through the house to access outdoor space at this time

  • Both trainer and client must adhere to social distancing guidelines, as set out by the UK Government

  • Where outdoor sessions are not possible or appropriate, online zoom consultations will be offered

  • Clients and trainers agree to wash their hands thoroughly before and after all sessions, and use antibacterial hand gel where required.

Perfect Puppy Classes

Perfect puppy classes take place indoors at The Isabella Community Centre and awaiting confirmation on when indoor classes can resume, however for the size of the hall classes will be reduced to 4 puppies per class.

  • Where the use of the hall is required for exercises such as recall and confidence building owners will be asked to bring the puppy into the hall one a time and equipment will be cleansed between puppies.

Lifeskills classes

From Monday 1st June small dog training classes of up to five students and one training instructor (or instructor, assistant and four students) are allowed as long as clients are able to maintain social distance whilst arriving, leaving and at the class. A training class must utilise a secure private outside area with adequate parking to allow clients to arrive and leave whilst remaining two metres apart.

  • There should be no physical contact between the trainer and client or dog and social distance should be maintained at all times.

  • Owners should touch only their own dogs. Owners of dogs from infected or self-isolating households pose a significantly higher risk to the training instructor and others in the class and should not be accepted.

  • Owners can leave their dogs with a trainer providing the business handover protocol is followed and social distancing is maintained.

  • It is advised that owners bring their own equipment including dog lead, bowl for water, treats, poo bags and toys.

  • Hand sanitiser will be available to use when entering and exiting premises, aswell as before and after any handovers.

  • Handbooks will be sent via email prior to the classes starting

  • All Feelwell treats will be put together by the trainer using gloves

As classes will be running after each other it is advised you stay in your car until the time for the class starting,  each class will last 45 minutes to give enough time for class switch overs and to clean the area between classes.


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