Corona Virus & Dog Training

121s & Behavioural Training 

Updated 19th January 2021

Following Lockdown 3 Guidelines only outdoor 121s are allowed and is unlikely that classes will be allowed in 2021.

If techniques need to be demonstrated then The Pet Federation Industry Handover will be put in place. All owners will be contacted prior to sessions to discuss requirements following the governments Corvid-19 guidelines.

Terms and Conditions

If face to face sessions are not allowed through Corvid Guidelines these sessions will move to online zoom meetings, any practical elements will be demonstrated with my dogs then you can practice with your dog.

Doing training online can be just the same value, offering the same results. In some cases, is a better alternative.
Not only can you do it in the comfort of your own home, with no need of travelling, but particularly for more nervous dogs or dogs with a bite history can offer a safer alternative, with the dog’s best interests at heart.
Those who love and get great value from the offline interactions and real life set ups, this hasn't gone for good and we can provide a combination of both online and offline support, when restrictions ease. This type of training not only gives a variety of options, blended learning, but offers maximum support.
We know Zoom is still a fairly new concept so we are sharing some of the main benefits:
- Can be done in the comfort own home
- Can watch back anytime as recorded
- Is a more accessible alternative
- Is a great platform to use with a combination of ongoing support
- Can be available anywhere in the world
- Requires no travelling
- Can be used in a combination with practical training and blended learning
- Is easy to set up with your trainer’s support and safe

Corvid Guidelines

All trainers and clients agree to adhere to the following, and any breach of these guidelines may result in the termination of a session.

  • If you are in isolation, have tested positive for Covid-19, are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19, or believe you are at high risk of having been exposed in the last 7 days, you must inform your trainer and arrange for your session to be rescheduled

  • If a trainer in isolation, has tested positive for Covid-19, is displaying any symptoms of Covid-19, or believe they are at high risk of having been exposed in the last 7 days, they will contact all clients and arrange for sessions to be rescheduled

  • All training sessions must take place outdoors, either in a local field, park or client’s garden

  • Where training is taking place in a garden, side access must be possible. Unfortunately for the safety of all involved, we cannot enter through the house to access outdoor space at this time

  • Both trainer and client must adhere to social distancing guidelines, as set out by the UK Government

  • Where outdoor sessions are not possible or appropriate, online zoom consultations will be offered

  • Clients and trainers agree to wash their hands thoroughly before and after all sessions, and use antibacterial hand gel where required.