Dog Clicker Training

Clicker training is a new evolutionary way to train dogs and it is based on behavioral psychology which relies on marking the desirable behavior from the dog and rewarding them for it. By using a clicker it helps us to communicate clearly to the dog the behavior which is desired. Dogs learn through association so by using clicker training along with some tasty food dogs associates the clicker with a tasty reward.

While clicker training is essentially employs classical conditioning, it quickly becomes operant conditioning when the dog repeats the behavior in order to earn a reward. Training through operant conditioning results in purposeful behavior, whereas training through classical conditioning results in habitual behavior. Clicker trained or operantly conditioned dogs try to learn new behaviors, and develop confidence as they have control over the consequences of their actions.

Clicker training can be used for basic commands such as sit, down, come etc, or can be used to build up new behaviors by teaching your dogs tricks. Clicker training can even be used for unwanted behaviors such as nuisance barking and jumping

If you would like to start clicker training then please get in touch, our dog training courses start at novice for people that are new to clicker training. We have itermediate package to teach the dog s imple tricks such as twist, high five and bowing. Our next level advanced package includes teaching behaviors such as sitting pretty and waving.

Our clicker training packages are £120 for 4 one hour sessions or £150 for 6 one hour sessions, and are available at the clients home. The price also includes a full training program which is provided for each level. For more information or to book one of our clicker training packages then please click here.