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Dog behaviourist & Specialist Trainer

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Dog behaviourist & Specialist Trainer

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Dog training is an essential part of good and responsible animal care.  The relationship between animal and its owner is a unique connection.


At College 4 Canines I understand that not every dog is suited to group sessions and that some dogs require a more personal touch towards training. I only promote positive force free training methods and adhere to the Kennel Club Code of Conduct. 


With College 4 Canines, you get the finest certified Dog Trainer to condition your pet for the behaviours you desire. My proven techniques and unique approach have helped pet owners across Northumberland and Newcastle train dogs just like yours. Contact me today to get started!


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New for 2021!!

Lifeskills 121s are replacing normal classes would would get 4 x 30 min sessions outdoors at the choice of the Isabella Community Centre, Blyth Beach or Weetslade County Park.

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Behaviour Consultations

Behavioural consultations are available for dogs with behavioural problems ranging from 'bad manners' to complex behaviour problems.
We understand that not every dog is suited to group sessions and that some dogs require a more personal touch towards training. Whether this is because the dog is too boisterous for classes, has bad manners, or has a more abnormal or problem behaivour then we are here to help.


Scentwork Club

Scentwork Club is available to dogs which have completed an introduction into Scentwork and want to develop their skills further and is an affordable way to include an activity that both you and your dog will enjoy. Scentwork is accessible to all dogs big and small, young and old, and you can progress through the levels at your dogs pace. We use force free techniques and follow UKCSD methodology for teaching dogs Scentwork to minimize the chances of stress and maximise the chances of fun!

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Accredited Dog Trainer & Behaviourist

Force Free Methods

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If you would like to discuss anything about your dog's training/needs before booking please contact us and we'll point you in the right direction. Or if you and your dog are ready to meet just book using the boxes above.


Accredited Dog Trainer with Adv Dip in Canine Behaviour & Training

Accredited Detection Dog Handler & Scentwork Instructor with UK College of Scent Dogs

Pet Professional Guild Member

Professional Member of The Pet Professional Network

Approved Instructor of Dog Training College

We use a mixture of force free and positive reinforcement techniques which are kind, up to date and scientifically proven to work


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