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Come away from distractions
Rejoin handler
Food manners
Play with dog
Loose leash walking around distractions
Recall from distractions
Stay for 2 minutes sit or down with distance
Socialization - controlled meet and greet

Putting training in practice

Meeting dogs with handlers on walks scenario

Send to bed
Walking to heel off lead
Recall through distractions
Emergency stop
Food manners
Emergency U Turn
Stay 2 minutes in down with out of sight

Putting training in practice

Cafe scenario

Life skills dog training classes

Sit, stand and down.
Responding to name
Loose leash walking
Stay for one minute any position
Socialisation - novel items
Understanding dog law

Putting training in practice

Loose leash walking through crowd
Crossing a road, and passing a dog on opposite side of the road

Our Dog Training Classes are £50 for 8 weeks and our next bronze classes start on

Sunday 3rd September at 5pm or Sunday 15th October 6pm at Blyth Town Football Club, Newsham South Pavillon, Blyth NE24 3PS

A non-refundable deposit of £30 is required to secure your place in the dog training classes.

For more information or to book your place then please get in touch

Dog Training


AIM - The dog classes is designed for both dog and handler to enjoy. The aim of Dog Training Classes Life Skills is to provide handlers with the skills and knowledge to train their dogs in exercises that can be implementing in everyday scenarios. Each level is separated into exercises that are taught, and then used in controlled scenarios as part of the test.

ELIGIBILITY - There is no previous dog training experience needed, and dogs don't need to have completed puppy classes before joining as Life Skills is aimed at all dogs, and there is no age limit.

Dogs with behavioral issues or may disrupt dog training classes may require additional one on one support prior to joining the class.