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Mental Stimulation 

How to add enrichment into your dogs life using mental stimulation 

How to use flirt poles to improve impulse control

Flirt poles are a great way to improve impulse control in dogs 

HOW TO get a solid recall

How to use games to help get a solid recall

How to muzzle train dogs​

How to muzzle train your dog to be happy wearing their muzzle

Inconsistency in dog training

Being consistent in dog training is an important factor in order for the dog to learn and not get confused

2/04/17 - Does a human - dog hierarchy exist?

Do dogs live in a pack or as a family unit?


Excessive barking in dogs and training tips to stop a dog barking using the clicker

15/4/17 - How to Keep dogs calm around fireworks

​Many dogs suffer with fireworks, training your dog to keep your dog calm around the noise of fireworks

14/4/17 - How to stop dogs from jumping up

Training tips to stop dogs from jumping up at you or visitors

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